One Guitar

One Guitar is a radio show that highlights the music and the magic that is created and performed on a single guitar with no accompaniment. By playing guitar music in different genres, it is probably the longest running, still active music show of its kind anywhere. Only instrumental guitar music is aired on this show.
FM Broadcast
One Guitar originates from South Royalton, Vermont on WFVR, 96.5FM, serving the local communities in and around South Royalton, Vermont.
Internet Broadcasts
One Guitar is heard on Royalton Radio
(2:00pm Tuesdays and 2:00pm Saturdays DST) at:
One Guitar is also heard on Blues and Roots Radio
(8:00pm Tuesdays and 10:00pm Thursdays DST -
one week after the live Royalton Radio show) at:
...This is!
June 02 and June 06 on One Guitar on
RoyaltonRadio (2:00pm Tuesday and 2:00pm Saturday DST)
A few hot days at the end of May makes you think that summer is on its way, so this edition of One Guitar will feature all songs about sun and summer. Starting with a 1999 live version of Joe Pass playing "Summertime". Other titles by other artists include "Sunny", "Sunnyland", "Sunshine Falling".
Summer and June also remind us of gardening, so there will be "June Gardens" and "Redeeming the Arugula".
And, of course, there is the hope that we may be able to actually travel this summer - that will play out in "Viaggiando" (although traveling to Italy may be a challenge this year), "Traveling Clothes" and "Traveling Song" - now, "Wouldn't That be Lovely"?

Playlists are on Spinitron  during and following the live broadcast.

Replay a show here for one week following the live broadcast.

June 02 and June 04 on One Guitar on
BluesandRootsRadio (8:00pm Tuesday and 10:00pm Thursday DST)
Graduation 2020
This is a most unusual year to graduate from high school or college. This One Guitar show offers some encouragement for these grads with song titles like Wide Horizons, Emergence, Valsa da Vida (dance of life) and some songs of summer like Summer in Central Park, Beach Walk and Dance of the Fireflies. 
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