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What is One Guitar?

One Guitar is a radio show that highlights the music and the magic that is created and performed on a single guitar with no accompaniment. By playing guitar music in different genres, it is probably the longest running, still active music show of its kind anywhere. Only solo instrumental guitar music is aired on this show.
FM Broadcast
One Guitar originates from South Royalton, Vermont, on WFVR, 96.5FM, serving the local communities in and around South Royalton, Vermont.
Internet Broadcasts
One Guitar is heard on Royalton Radio
(2:00pm Tuesdays and 2:00pm Saturdays EDT) at:
Royalton Radio has arguably the most
unique and varied radio programming in Vermont, or anywhere.
One Guitar is also heard on Blues and Roots Radio airing from Toronto
(8:00pm Tuesdays and 10:00pm Thursdays EDT -
one week after the live Royalton Radio show) at:
Blues and Roots Radio, broadcasting from Toronto, Canada,
is "The Voice of the Independent Artist".

This week on Royalton Radio

October 26 and October 30 on One Guitar on Royalton Radio 
(2:00pm Tuesday and 2:00pm Saturday EDT)
Songs Inspired by Animals
After the opening number on this week's One Guitar, "October" by Sean McGowan, we dive into the animals that inspire guitarists to write songs about them - some are scary (slide guitar by Harvey Reid on "Albatross"; "Gator Bite" by Lance Allen), some beautifully dreamy ("Blue Dolphin Song" by Makana, "Dance of the Wolves" by Christie Lenee) and some where the guitar mimics particular animals in part of the song ("Dance of the Moonlight Mouse" by Nancy Tucker, "Party in the Hen House" by yours truly, and newcomer to One Guitar: Jon Gomm playing "Dance of the Last Rhino"). Check out the link below to see how Jon does it!

Playlists are on Spinitron  during and following the first (Tuesday) broadcast.

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This week on Blues & Roots Radio

October 26 and October 28 on One Guitar on Blues & Roots Radio 
(8:00pm Tuesday and 10:00pm Thursday EDT)
In 2005, the album "Henry Mancini  - Pink Guitar" was named Best Pop Instrumental Album of the Year - for the previous year, 2004. This week's One Guitar highlights the entire album including the exact sequence of songs as they appeared on the album. A lot of familiar names in the solo guitar world were on this album including Ed Gerhard, Pat Donohue, Laurence Juber and Al Petteway.

This is Sousuke Mineyoshi performing the Pat Donohue arrangement of the Peter Gunn theme(and proving that this CAN be done on one guitar):
Note: There are no replays available from Blues and Roots Radio.
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