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One Guitar

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Royalton Radio

What is One Guitar?

One Guitar is a radio show that highlights the music and the magic that is created and performed on a single guitar with no accompaniment. By playing guitar music in different genres, it is probably the longest running, still active music show of its kind anywhereOnly solo instrumental guitar music is aired on this show.

FM Broadcast
One Guitar is a weekly one-hour show that originates from South Royalton, Vermont, on WFVR, 96.5FM, serving the local communities in and around South Royalton, Vermont.

Internet Broadcasts
One Guitar is heard on Royalton Radio
(2:00pm Tuesdays and 2:00pm Saturdays DST) at: or
WFreeVermontRadio (Royalton Radio) has arguably the most

unique and varied radio programming in Vermont, or anywhere.

One Guitar is also heard on Blues and Roots Radio airing from Toronto
one week after the live Royalton Radio show

(8:00pm Tuesdays and 10:00pm Thursdays DST) at:
Blues and Roots Radio, broadcasting from Toronto, Canada,
is "The Voice of the Independent Artist" and has been named
"The International Radio Station of the Year" by the ISSA.
Royalton Radio

This week on Royalton Radio

October 03 and October 07 on One Guitar on Royalton Radio 
(2:00pm Tuesday and 2:00pm Saturday DST)
The Old and the New
This week, two solo guitar intrumentalists recently released new music: senior guitarist (i.e. Old) Stephen Bennett and young(er) guitarist (i.e. New), Geiger von Muller. To go along with the theme of old and new, other senior and younger guitarists round out the show.

Here is a video of Geiger von Muller with Cosmic Cruiser - one reviewer descibes his music as in the "Blues-Roots-Western-Ghost tradition":

(during and after the Tuesday show).

(stream anytime for one week beginning the day after the Tuesday airing).

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