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B i o g r a p h y

Peter Neri began playing the electric guitar in Connecticut rock groups that opened for some nationally known acts. When his bands broke up, Peter moved West and performed in a band and also as a solo folk/blues performer in California and Montana. 

Moving back East to Vermont, Peter married, had a family and worked for years in the corporate world as a technical writer. As happens with many musicians, music had to take a back seat in those years. He did manage to play for a few years in a rock and roll band while still working a day job. Circumstances and events culminated when the rock band broke up and Peter retired from his "money-making" job.


Having played traditional classical guitar pieces, he continued writing music for the new acoustic guitar.


With such a rich background of musical experiences, Peter now plays acoustic guitar in a style that is a marriage of many disciplines. Peter sites the following diverse group of guitarists as major musical influences on his playing style: Leo Kottke, Eric Clapton, Christopher Parkening, Eliot Fisk,  Jimi Hendrix, Preston Reed, Chet Atkins, Keola Beamer, Tommy Emmanuel and Michael Hedges.

Peter also has written and/or performed on music being used and streamed on several T.V. series, including:

"Lucky Hank", "The Flash", "Minx",

"For All Mankind", "Griselda", and

"Quantum Leap"

Peter's third solo acoustic guitar CD (July, 2019),
Rough Edges, is a mix of hard-hitting, imaginative, amusing, and melodic numbers that break new ground in the world of solo acoustic guitar instrumental compositions. 

Peter's second CD, Dreaming of Home, is a lyrical collection of new instrumental guitar pieces. Following a background theme of the ups and downs of raising children, Peter dedicates Dreaming of Home to working parents everywhere.

The release of Night Visions was Peter's first solo acoustic guitar CD and is a merry mix of styles comprised of all original compositions for the "new" acoustic guitar.

Peter also currently hosts a weekly radio show called "One Guitar" on WFVR-LP from Vermont, that is dedicated to highlighting the artistry of other solo guitar instrumentalists. 

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